A beautiful Autumn 2022 in Toronto

Not that it's over yet. Please enjoy some of the photos Dr. Lindzon took around Toronto of the fall colours.

Canadian Dental Care Plan

While details are slowly emerging, more information can be found here regarding dental coverage for children under 12 who do not currently have dental coverage.
The Government promises that over the next few years more age groups will be included in the plan.

Canadian Dental Care Plan

Amazing Dental Fillings

First there was the silver amalgam fillings, the so called mercury fillings. In truth these were great, long lasting restorations but no one wants them anymore.
Then came the "tooth coloured" fillings. These were plastic fillings that required a special bonding agent to attach the filling to the tooth. These fillings looked great, but were very time and technique sensitive. We still use these fillings routinely especially in aesthetic situations.
But now there is a new filling available that we at AgincourtDental have made wide use of.
These are hybrid glass ionomer fillings. The are tooth coloured, self adhesive to the tooth, and release fluoride, which dramatically reduces future cavity risk, even in adjacent teeth. These fillings are much less technique sensitive which means they can be used in situations that the plastic fillings  would have great trouble with, They can be placed much quicker than the plastic or even amalgam fillings, which means less time in the dental chair.
This new option is dramatically changing dentistry today and the dental visit.