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We are a general family dentist office, that offers a wide range of dental services. From cosmetic treatment to improve your smile, to very prompt emergency dental care, we have the skills needed to help.

From the basics such as cleaning, fillings, crowns, and root canals, to more modern items such as digital scans, and clear orthodontic aligners.

Check out some of the categories below to learn more about dental services offered.

 The basis of dental care is excellent doctor patient communication; come in and talk to us. We're here to listen, and to help.

Reveal Clear aligners

Always wanted to straighten your teeth but didn't want to wear braces or pay the high costs that orthodontists charge.
Plus reveal aligners can be done without those annoying attachments that other aligners require.
Come and ask us about this new exciting service.

Dental Emergencies

Broken Tooth?
Walk-in or call, we'll see you ASAP.

General Dentistry


You name it, we do it.

All Ages welcome

From 2-100+
(and yes, we do have 100+ old patients)

Dental care at different stages in life requires experience.
We have lots.

TMJ problems?

Especially nowadays, many people are experiencing issues with the TMJ joint and associated muscles.
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Emergency Dental Care

Broken Tooth?
Lost Filling?
Sensitive tooth?
Facial Swelling?

We will see you ASAP. Same day. Even if we are fully booked for the day, we will see you quickly, and do our best to fix the problem the same day if possible.

Whether you are a patient of our office, or a new patient, if you have a dental emergency, we are here to help.

Cosmetic Dentisry

Unhappy with your smile?
Chipped teeth?
Crooked teeth?

We can make you smile again; and it's easier than you think.
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Cleaning & Prevention

Do your gums bleed?  Do you have bad breath?  You shouldn’t.  You needn’t.  What should you do?  Have your teeth cleaned!
Periodontics, is the service dentists offer in caring for the gums and the other supporting structures of the teeth.  This is probably the most important service dentists offer.
In the past, when cavities were more prevalent, this aspect of dentistry was neglected.  As a result, earlier generations grew up expecting to lose their teeth.
Nowadays, dentists and hygienists are able to spend a greater amount of time caring for the gums and bone around the teeth.  How is this done?  The main treatment in caring for the health of the bone and gums is dental cleaning. 
Many people only visit the dentist when they have a problem, a toothache, or a broken tooth.  What we encourage, ALL our patients to do, is come in for a proper exam and CLEANING.   By taking the time to do this, your teeth and gums will remain healthier, longer.  After they have been cleaned, we will then schedule what we call a recall visit.
It is a common misconception, dating back to a 1950’s toothpaste commercial, that you should visit the dentist every 6 months.  After assessing, the health of your teeth and gums, we will recommend an interval of time, for when you should return for this recall visit.  For most people, yes, six months is the best interval; but for many it is not.  Usual intervals are 3, 4, 6, 9, and 12 months.
And remember to brush and floss between visits.

Dental fillings

Used to prevent the spread of tooth decay or correct any cosmetic damage, a filling is just one of the ways our dentists preserve your health. Before placement, any rot must be drilled out. We offer local anesthesia along with sedation to ensure maximum comfort for our patients. There are two different types of fillings: amalgam (otherwise known as silver fillings) and composite resin, the color of which can be customized to match your natural teeth.Next to dental cleaning, this is the other most basic service we provide.  Dental restorations, “fillings,” can be necessary for many reasons; due to tooth decay (cavity), a broken tooth, or an old filling that needs to be replaced.

The most common types of dental restorations are, the white ‘plastic’ type fillings, and the silver amalgam fillings.

Dr. Richard Lindzon places exclusively the white type fillings which are bonded to the tooth.

Sometimes, a tooth requires more than ‘just a filling’ to fix it.  Quite often then what is necessary is a crown..

Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, our dentists can help you choose the best solution. Crowns and bridges are custom-fitted tooth prosthetics that function and look like natural, healthy teeth. Veneers are a less invasive alternative, but may only be a solution for those with slight tooth damage or discoloration. These thin porcelain or resin shells come in customizable colors and are bonded to the surface of your teeth.

A crown, otherwise known as a cap, is custom-fitted to your bite and is placed over your natural tooth or dental implant. We recommend this procedure for those who have an intact tooth without root rot. The tooth may be damaged or decayed on the surface.

To replace a missing tooth that has neighboring teeth with decay and/or large fillings, or a tooth that has been missing for a long time (i.e., with gum recession around the area), we recommend bridges as opposed to dental implants.

If you’re looking to cosmetically correct or enhance the appearance of one or more teeth, we suggest veneers. They are very thin, porcelain or resin shells that you can customize in color and shape. They are non-invasive and are resistant to future stains.


Missing teeth can make your cheeks look hollow and your mouth look sunken. More importantly, your diet can suffer. Those missing multiple teeth in a row may want to consider dentures for both cosmetic purposes and overall wellness. Depending on the amount of teeth missing, we may suggest partial or full dentures. During your consultation, we’ll assess all your options and you can choose what you feel most comfortable with.


Partial dentures are ideal for those who are missing only a few teeth in a row. They latch onto the remaining gum line and any intact adjacent teeth. Even if you only have one tooth on your dental arch, a partial denture may still work best, since the remaining tooth serves as a natural anchor.


When your dental arch no longer has any teeth, a complete denture is the optimal solution. You can choose the traditional kind that latches to the gum line or choose to have dentures that are anchored by dental implants. The latter option has the best hold, but involves surgery. Our dentists can discuss all the details so you can make an informed decision.

Orthodontic Options

Interested in straightening your teeth. Closing a gap. Our office is proud to offer a new option for our patients. Reveal Clear aligners.
Save time and money over most costly current options.
Come in for a free consult to see if this option can help you achieve the results you desired.
If more extensive orthodontic treatment is necessary, we will refer you to many great orthodontic offices that we work with.

Reveal Website


Our dentists make every effort to preserve your natural teeth. However, extractions are necessary when decay has made the tooth unsalvageable or when you have an advanced periodontal disease. When a tooth is malformed, damaged, impacted or ingrown, different procedures are used, but all extractions are considered surgery. Depending on which tooth is removed, we can offer you a replacement in the form of a dental implant or oral prosthetic.

Sometimes a tooth has to come out.  Don’t worry it is MUCH easier than you think.  Almost all extractions, are done right in our office using local freezing, and if you wish laughing gas.  

After a simple extraction, which covers the majority of the extractions, we will cover with you all the things you should do, and not do, after the tooth has been removed; such as not smoking, and what pain medication may be necessary.  We will also routinely follow up the appointment with a call home to see how you are feeling.

We also perform extractions of wisdom teeth.  Yes, the majority of people do require to have their wisdom teeth removed in their late teens; but the dentists evaluate everyone individually, and discuss the pros and cons of each situation.

After the tooth has been removed, be sure to return to discuss with us the many, many options, there exist to replace a missing tooth or teeth.  Check out some of the other services we offer on this website for more information.

Dental Implants

A dental implant mimics the form and function of a natural tooth, which consists of a root and a crown. The crown is the visible part of your tooth. It is used to chew food and is therefore the most susceptible to cavities. The crown is attached to the jawbone by way of the root. When decay has gone deep enough or when a periodontal disease has advanced enough to warrant an extraction, the entire tooth, root and all, is taken out. The dental implant is a titanium root that gets fitted into a socket that we create in your jaw. Once the root heals, we place an artificial crown on top. The new crown is customized to match your bite and the color of your teeth.

Childrens Dental Care

We are very often asked if we see and treat children at our office. The answer is of course we do.

We are a family dental office, and we are happy to see every member of the family [except pets of course].

Children's dental care is very important to the health of the child, the developing adult teeth, and the long term oral health of the child.

It is very important to instill good dental habits at an early age.  To do everything possible to help prevent dental cavities. To start orthodontic treatment at the right age when necessary.

Most importantly, it is important for children to visit the dentist, so they can learn the importance of regular dental care, and not be afraid. It is far too common in our experience, for needed dental care to be ignored till an emergency arises, become of a past painful dental visit.

Root Canal Therapy

Many people when they hear, “root canal”, go running for the hills. BUT NOT TO WORRY.  

Root canals are a much simpler procedure than you may think,  Much simpler, and virtually pain free.  It is like a filling appointment, that just takes a little longer time.  Look at the picture to the right.  During a root canal, the dentist cleans the root canal, and places a ‘root canal filling’.  Usually, more so for back teeth, the tooth will then require a crown, and possibly a post.

Root canal therapy is usually covered under the ‘basic’ level of most peoples insurance.

Laughing Gas

Nitrous Oxide, commonly referred to as "Laughing Gas," is a very safe method that we offer to easily make you visit to the dentist easier. Many people, believe it or not, are apprehensive when visiting the dentist, try laughing gas, it makes your worries and fears- disappear.

All the dentists at our office, are fully qualified to provide nitrous oxide sedation.  It is safe for the vast majority of the population.  It helps to calm and soothe, and makes the whole dental visit more pleasant, and seem to pass much quicker.  There are no lingering after effects, and it is safe to drive after your visit.

Are your teeth sensitive to dental cleaning. Try Laughing Gas.

If you would like to know if you a candidate, and most people are, please ask us about having laughing gas during your appointment.

Senior Dental Care

Our office is located right next to Sheppard Village and Sheppard Manor Retirement home. We see a lot of elderly patients and are well aware of the unique care they require. We see many patients that are in their 90's and even beyond. 

Digital X-Rays and Digital Scanning

Our office has been fully digital for more than 11 years now. All records are digital and store securely in the cloud, ensuring full privacy for all records and security.
We have been utilizing digital xray equipment for many years now. This makes taking xrays drastically quicker, and safer.

We are now happy to offer digital scans/impressions.
In the past (and currently still), dentists took impressions of patients teeth using a variety of materials. All were messy and time consuming, and potentially uncomfortable for the patient.
With the digital scanner all this is replaced with a simple pass over by a digital camera, which can then be used to fabricate crowns, bridges, implants and dentures. 
Disclaimer. Results for dental services may vary.

Digital X-Rays

Digital Charting

Nervous? Don't be. We're not. We can make you comfortable & at ease.

Bad experience at the dentist in the past? We're here to listen & help.

Don't like your smile?  Tell us why, and we'll tell you how.

A Lifetime of Care

Dental health and education is a lifetime commitment. Come talk to us about care for your whole family.
We see patients from 2-100+ (really), and have the knowledge, tools, & skills to offer advice & treatment for each stage of life.